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The Value of Professional Guidance

What value can a fiduciary-focused financial professional provide for an investor? They can help an investor interpret today’s financial climate, determine objectives, and assess progress toward those goals.

No investor is infallible. Investors can feel that way during a great market year, when every decision seems to work out well. In long bull markets, investors risk becoming overconfident. The big-picture narrative of Wall Street can be forgotten, along with the reality that the market has occasional bad years. A good financial professional helps a committed investor and retirement saver stay on track.

This is what we do. We help our clients set a course for the long term, based on a defined investment policy and target asset allocations with an eye on major financial goals.

Our clients’ best interests are paramount.


Our clients’ best interests are paramount.

Is my portfolio truly “custom?”

Yes. We work very closely with our clients through both conversation and data gathering, to truly understand what it is you want your portfolio to provide for you. As we say, there may be a trail, but everyone’s journey will be different.

Will it be cheaper if I manage my investments?

Not necessarily. There is more to investment management than things such as investment management and trading fees. Another consideration is your ability to separate your emotions when it comes to investment management.

Is my 401(k) enough to cover me in retirement?

Retirement income planning can go well beyond your 401(k). While a 401(k) is a great start, it is also very important to identify other potential sources of income and how they integrate into your retirement outlook.

Money isn’t everything, unless it’s yours.

Your financial well-being is a large part of your future, your lifestyle, your legacy, your security. Do you have an investment strategy to help protect these things? If you do, is your portfolio aligned with your goals, and does your risk tolerance really match up with your current portfolio?


We believe that knowledge is the most powerful tool. This is why we offer a no-obligation, no-cost risk analysis.* This analysis will help you understand what your feelings are about risk and market fluctuations, and analyze if that tolerance is aligned with your portfolio.

We would appreciate the opportunity to answer all of your questions. Let’s start a conversation!